Monday, September 28, 2009

Knitted Goodies

Sibling - Knitted Denim Jacket
Sibling - Knitted Skull Top

Fab knitted creations from UK label, Sibling. Knitted DENIM jacket, like how cool is that? And optical illusions with lines to create skull images. Great stuff.

Photos: Style Bubble

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blazers & Layers

Vanessa Jackman - Duncan Campbell

The pairing of a well-fitted blazer with jeans is such an effortless way to style your overall look. Check out how the purple socks 'peeping' from under his jeans matches his striped shirt 'peeping' out from his vest.

Vanessa Jackman - Luca Rubinacci

Wearing multiple colours in one outfit and making sure it goes well together is no easy task. I'm actually rather sure many (guys in Singapore at least) would not think of pairing purple with green, although this set of colours are one of the lesser known colour combinations that go really well together. The coloured stripes in the jacket also matches the purple and green perfectly.

Stockholm Street Style

I have been into this whole layering concept for awhile now and is still embracing it very much. This outfit I like particularly coz of the layering involved in the whole look. Likewise for the two other looks above. Even though there are different lengths of layers involved here, the colours and minimal accessorizing helped to bring the whole look together instead of making it potentially awkward looking.

(Photo 1: Duncan Campbell, Photo 2: Luca Rubinacci)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Vintage Bag

The Streethearts - Vintage Bag

This guy was carrying his mum's vintage leather bag. The subtle detailing on the flap makes this vintage piece look alittle more special.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From Runway To Street 002

FRTS - Marc Jacobs Sunnies
Bryanboy spotted @ New York Spring Fashion Week in Marc Jacobs Sunnies from Fall 2009 RTW.

Photos: Altamira NYC,

Monday, September 14, 2009

Vogue China October 2009: Proud To Be Chinese

Vogue China Oct 2009 1
Vogue China Oct 2009 2
Vogue China Oct 2009 3
Vogue China Oct 2009 4
Vogue China October 2009
Proud to Be Chinese
Photographer: Richard Burbridge
Designer & Models: Phillip Lim with Lissy Trullie, Alexander Wang with Erin Wasson, Derek Lam with Karmen Pedaru, Jason Wu with Du Juan, Siri Tollerod, Heloise Guerin & Kori Richardson.

It's about time to cast the spotlight on these Chinese designers. All four have already earn many fans in the fashion world and even Michelle Obama is a fan of one of them. The interview comprise of mainly quotes from each designer about their views on China being a predominant fashion market not to be overlooked, their own influences & inspirations and how their successes might help change the traditional mindsets of Chinese parents.

Translation of designer quotes will be available upon request.

Photos: Fashion Copious

From Runway To Street 001

FRTS - Raf Simons Jacket
Raf Simons Jacket from Spring 2009 RTW.

Thinking if I should start doing this 'From Runway To Street' comparison thing. It might be interesting to see how the average person on the street wear the looks off the runway according to their own style. More ideas for mixing designer with street labels no?

Photo:, Stylites In Beijing.

The Cross

Face Hunter

Another creative use of safety pins - DIY style. See here also.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Is Not Over

Yvan Rodic

Green Stripes

Vanessa Jackman

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Colour Question

Colourful Jacket

When you spot something multi-coloured like the above, what would be your first thought? I would think most would associate clowns with multi-coloured clothing? I know of people who stick to just one (usually black/white) or just a few colours simply because they feel they look good in them and perhaps those are their lucky colours. I love most colours and am proud to say I have at least one piece of clothing in every single colour of the rainbow. Haha.  

I would totally wear the graffiti-ish coloured jacket on the right but not so much the shirt on the left.

Afro Afro

Street Peeper - Melbourne
(Spotted in Melbourne: Street Peeper)


Hedi Slimane Diary 2

Hedi Slimane, as we all know, was the designer who propelled Dior Homme to international fame with his signature slim silhouette where he obviously designs only for the skinny/model/sample size. This photo diary site of his showcases his photography works (I didn't know he did photography as well) which features mainly black and white shots and I came across it after seeing shoots he took of Anna Selezneva on Knight Cat. You can check it out here.  

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stud Shoes

Prada Studded Shoes (Fall 2009 Collection)

Prada Studded Shoe Fall 2009

Christian Louboutin Studded Shoes for Men (Top) & Women (Bottom)

Christian Louboutin Studded Shoe

Photos: Altamira NYC, Jak & Jil, Style Clicker, Trendy Crew.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let Loose

London Tokyo Snap

Gosh, I haven't seen these baggy pants since a long time ago. Then again, I'm wondering if they just happen to be drawstring pants made of denim. The bag. Love. 

Black House

Face Hunter

Love the leather jacket. Shorts are kinda alittle too short for my liking, but at least it isn't the length of running shorts (you know, those FBT kind). I've actually seen a guy walking around in FBTs in town before with way too white legs, not very eye pleasing.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Little Red Bow

London Tokyo Snap 2

It's not easy to carry off a mens cardi but this guy does it well with his styling, mixing prints and topping it off with that cute little red bow.

A Boy Named Charles

Face Hunter 2

The necklace is total fabness. I think I've never actually seen a guy wearing such necklaces here before? Most guys will probably deem it too girly or fanciful and anyway, not many can carry it off.

I first saw a photo of this guy in either Jak & Jil or bryanboy and thought he was a girl. Here, he looks very much like a boy of course. If I'm not wrong, he is called Charles Guislain, age is speculated to be about 15-16, a newbie to the fashion scene although he must have some sort of amazing connections with the bigwigs in fashion since he was spotted at all the big shows in Paris couple months back. I think he's probably French from the accent but his spoken English is rather good. So far, all the images I've seen of him, he's always dressed in all-black ensemble but looking chic all the time. And I would assume he's one hell of a rich kid, he owns more than ONE piece of Margiela at 16! Like what?!

The Streets

Some street style shots from around the blogsphere:

Sometimes, going simple is also fashionable.

This rolled-up pants cuff trend seriously only looks good on a selected few. Love the quirky waiter-esque top (left) and the white shirt + pants combo gives a laid-back casualness to the overall look (right).   

A blazer is all you need. 

Blazer jackets should totally be a man's best friend. Goes with almost everything, immediately make you look smart and dressed for the occasion.

Denim on top.

Denim jackets are not exactly the most wearable piece in our crazy weather, opt for the vest instead. Reference the style of putting multiple badges on denim to personalise your look (left). Do NOT attempt going denim head-to-toe, unless you look as cute as him (right), otherwise you will 99% look like crap.

Colours + Prints.

Go colour & prints crazy! Only for those with a good eye for colour.

Strictly for the adventurous.

Heels (left) & skirt (right) for guys. The Japanese never fail to surprise with their unconventional style. 


So, crazy me decided that the guys deserve some inspirational ideas to fashion-up their lives. And I say crazy coz I don't even follow Mens' Fashion Week that religously, only know a few menswear designers and their works and probably will be clueless about alot of big terms in mens fashion. But, guess that's the thing about fashion, it moves so quickly, you can simply pick off from anywhere and find your way around it. As you can tell from the name of the blog, I most likely will be focusing on street style with the occasional coverage on designers and runway collections. So, welcome to Street Stylista for the boy/guy/man/old man.